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Milk Chocolate Honeycomb - gluten free

Delicious honeycomb thickly coated in premium milk chocolate. Gluten free. Made in Australia.   Great for Weddings, Bonbonnieres, Candy Buffets, Birthdays or simply to eat and enjoy!

Buy Australia’s Best Quality Gluten-Free Lollies Online

Gluten-free lollies are some of the best quality, tastier jelly gummies health-conscious customers with a sweet tooth can buy online, at unbelievably low rates.

Whether you want these for yourself, your kids or customers to promote your business, these jelly lollies are an affordable and enjoyable gift every recipient will relish.

If you’re on a gluten-free diet, we make sure you don’t have to give up on candies and lollies of our delicious Blueberry and Strawberry flavours.

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