A Unique Gift From GMP Pharmaceuticals

A Unique Gift From GMP Pharmaceuticals

GMP Pharmaceuticals are an Australian and New Zealand based manufacturing company specialising in complementary healthcare products, natural health and dairy products. They have facilities to manufacture a variety of products from soft gel and hard-shell capsules, coated to uncoated tablets, powders, liquids, creams and ointments containing a range of ingredients, to produce dietary supplements, functional foods, nutritional milk powder and more. GMP is the only contract manufacturer in Australia and New Zealand with three TGA/GMP licensed factories – making them a pretty unique business.

For Christmas in 2018 they commissioned Sweet Addiction to provide them with a branded gift for their Christmas event. A unique gift to match their unique offerings.

The brief

Sweet Addiction were asked to provide 400 Christmas-themed Personalised Gift Bags, with three different products inside.

These included our 100 gram Milk Chocolate Speckles, our 100 gram Milk Chocolate Coconut Rough and our 100 gram White Chocolate Raspberries.

The solution

The three chocolate products GMP chose worked really well together within each gift bag as they provided a variety of interesting flavours and looks to maximise their impact. They certainly look impressive when grouped together – particularly when the individual plastic packaging also displays a company brand, like in GMP’s case.

The gift bags themselves were decorated with a customised Christmas pendant and swing tag, which not only add an extra element of interest and a sophisticated look, but also allowed each gift bag to be labelled with names and messages as desired.

From all reports, these gifts were very well received at this important event.

Unique gifts will always be remembered

In today’s crowded marketplaces, finding different ways of making your business and your brand stand out to your valued clients, customers, suppliers and staff is getting increasingly difficult – particularly online.

Providing a unique and special ‘take-home’ gift at corporate events, such as Christmas parties can really give you that extra edge in both thanking the people that matter, and helping you remain memorable and top of mind with your customers.

Sweet Addiction can customise gifts any way you need

Sweet Addiction have plenty of experience customising the perfect sweet treat and memorable gift for a wide variety of businesses, industries, events and purposes.

We can customise your labels to your precise specifications and branding – or leave it to our team to come up with some options for you. Our highly-creative team work hard to come up with innovative ways of making your gifts unique to you, so that they truly make that special personalised statement.

If you’re interested in a high-quality gift to provide your guests at your next big event or corporate function, feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your requirements.

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