Christmas Gift Boxes For Chadstone Shopping Centre

Christmas Gift Boxes For Chadstone Shopping Centre

Christmas is always a fabulous time of year for celebrations and saying thank you to those who matter most. Yet sometimes it’s not about what you say – but how you say it, which is where a personalised, high-quality gift can be just what you need.

In this case – it was Chadstone Shopping Centre who wanted to say ‘thank you’ to their retailers and VIP’s so that they felt valued for all their hard work and contributions to the centre.

Sweet Addiction has provided various bespoke branded gifts to Chadstone Shopping Centre over a four-year period and it’s been great fun working with such a dynamic business team.

The brief

Chadstone certainly know how to do things really well as a first-class Melbourne-based shopping centre. They wanted to go the extra mile at Christmas time to honour the amazing work that their retailers and VIP’s do each day to make their centre a success – by thanking them with a lovely end-of-year gift.

We don’t know of too many people who wouldn’t appreciate our beautiful sweet treats, all thoughtfully packaged up into beautifully branded Christmas Personalised Gift Boxes.

So, that’s precisely what we created for Chadstone.

The solution

Sweet Addition provided Chadstone with 800 gift boxes for their VIP’s and retailers.

Each gift box was printed with Chadstone’s branding. Inside, we included three different individual confectionery products, with each of those again including the Chadstone logo.

Going the extra mile for those critical to your business

When the success of your brand and business firmly relies on others, it pays to look after them. Certainly, in the case of Chadstone, showing their appreciation to their retailers builds good-will and essentially helps keep their stores tenanted for as long as possible.

When people feel like they are appreciated – they tend to stick around and have more respect for their management team. Their productivity and performance also tend to improve.

These are all great reasons as to why a ‘sweet treat’ can go a very long way in business to show that you’re willing to go that extra mile. High-quality, personalised gifts display a lot of thought and care to those who receive them – and a good dose of quality, delicious edible treats that consume their senses, can really leave a lasting impression.

Sweet Addition can create special gifts for your best customers.

Sweet Addiction is all about celebrating precious moments – and helping businesses stand out and shine in their marketplace. Showing your appreciation to the people that matter to you will always be well received, and lead to loyal repeat customers and help to enhance and strengthen your valuable business partnerships.

With lots of options to choose from, starting with your basic Personalised Lolly Bags (with no minimum quantity), through to the more elaborate Gift Boxes and Bags – you’ll be sure to delight and impress.

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