Love and Happiness - Fight for what brings you joy

Love and Happiness - Fight for what brings you joy

Love and happiness. It means something different to everyone. I’d love to share with you what it means to me: it’s about fighting for what you love and fighting for what makes you happy.


How I learnt what love and happiness really is.

My childhood was different. From an early age, my life was steered in a certain direction. My choices were controlled and my freedom was limited. As a young adult on the cusp of losing myself, I fought for what I loved. I fought for the freedom to love. It caused pain and disruption like no other, but it was worth it - because from love comes happiness. Now every day spent with my precious little family, I am reminded that we all should fight to have love and happiness in our lives.


What’s that got to do with confectionery, I hear you ask?

Sweet Addiction’s gift boxes are created with love and happiness in its simplest form. It symbolises the opportunity to share love and bring joy to someone. Happiness is something we should never take for granted. And, if it comes to it, we should fight for it. We should give happiness to others as much as we want it for ourselves.

Look for the words inside your gift box

Love and happiness represents everything that Sweet Addiction stands for. So much so, that the words are printed inside the bottom of every gift box. And even if I’m the only person who sees those words as I pack your gift box, it will remind me of the reason why I do what I do. 


Founder of Sweet Addiction

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