Sweet Addiction Adds a Touch of Magic to the New Pullman Melbourne on Swanston Hotel Launch Party.

Sweet Addiction Adds a Touch of Magic to the New Pullman Melbourne on Swanston Hotel Launch Party.

We were so incredibly excited to be asked to be a part of the grand opening and launch party of the Pullman Melbourne on Swanston hotel on the 12th November 2019. From all reports, it was a magical evening with plenty of exciting entertainment as guests were able to lay eyes on these incredible new facilities for the very first time.

From our perspective of course, the highlight for us was having our confectionery available for guests to enjoy, as they perused the newly renovated rooms. However, there is certainly far more to this story and one must pay tribute to the team who bought an older building back to life, to such impeccable standards.


The Transformation

The original building, that’s now home to the Pullman Melbourne on Swanston, is 33 years old. Despite its age, it held one of the best locations in Melbourne CBD and the site offered immense potential.

According to the official statement from Ricky Jeffs – CEO of Erdi Group: "We wanted to take a 33-year-old building and probably the best location in Melbourne, and we wanted to make it something unique."

With the 30-million-dollar redevelopment, this building it is now a thriving and very stylish 15 story hotel with 204 unique and awe-inspiring rooms. The Club Lounge offers a VIP experience with fine dining and exclusive events, while Eva’s Restaurant & Bar boasts ‘heartfelt home-style cooking with a contemporary edge’.

The rooms offer every modern convenience that you could ever wish for, providing a truly luxurious experience for business or leisure in Melbourne CBD.

Sweet Addiction at the launch party

To be asked to provide our confectionery to such an incredible launch event was quite an honour for the team at Sweet Addiction. As the party guests perused the ultra-stylish new rooms, they were able to sample a range of our very best chocolates and confectionery.

Our aim was to provide stylish statement pieces in each room using strategically placed tall glass jars containing our favourite confectionery products. While they may look quite simple each display was meticulously and painstakingly designed, prepared and presented to complement both the high-quality finish of the rooms and the prestige of the event.

They essentially became edible art, that allowed guests to nibble and indulge all of their senses as they wandered throughout these fantastic new spaces. Between our Milk Chocolate Pretzels, White Chocolate Liquorice Bullets, Salted Caramel Popcorn, White Chocolate Raspberries (and plenty more!), there was plenty for guests to enjoy.

It was a great example of how little touches, like our sophisticated edible treats, can become real focal points, to generate more conversation and really lift and enhance the magic and ‘feel’ of an event. It also really helps to cement the memory of an occasion in both the mind and hearts of those who were there to view, taste and interact with their surroundings.

Corporate & promotional gifts they’ll remember…

At Sweet Addiction, it’s not about simply offering a sweet treat. Our corporate and promotional products have been designed to compliment your brand and offer you that elusive extra edge that will have your customers coming back again and again, for much more.

Our personalised gift boxes and bags offer everything from elegance and sophistication for the more high-end brands and occasions, through to those fun and quirky gifts that will leave a lasting impression, and that ever-so-sweet taste, for those who are lucky enough to receive them.

Customers and clients always appreciate those who go that extra mile to keep them not just satisfied, but absolutely delighted. At Sweet Addiction, we can help you do, just that.

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