Unlocking the layers of the Sweet Addiction logo

Unlocking the layers of the Sweet Addiction logo

How do you eat your Sweet Addictions? Do you bite through halfway to reveal the layers inside? Well our logo has layers too! And we’d love to reveal them to you.

The Sweet Addiction logo is made up of layers of lines and shapes – each element symbolises either a feature of our confectionery, or something that brings our products to life.

Come unlock the layers!

Follow along as we dissect the logo to reveal all the elements:

Our products and gift boxes… – the square shape

…are made with love – the heart shape

…for lovers of chocolate – the circle

…our contemporary combinations – the diagonal line

…are perfect to share – the dividing line

…some adorned with freckles – the spots

…some bursting with fun centres – the shaded centre

…and ALL with layers of flavour – the layered lines


A simple combination, done perfectly.

We love our logo because it combines elements that relate to our products, simply done with the layering of crisp lines, shading and dots. It’s just like our confectionery: simple combinations of elements create a perfect little indulgence. And that’s why we are proud to emboss the Sweet Addiction logo on all of our products.

So what’s your favourite layer?

Now that you know what the symbols mean within our logo, which is your favourite element? The features like freckles, jelly centres and chocolate? Or the way we’ve made them to be shared with love, and given as a gift? Most likely, it’s a combination..!

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